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site owner Edward Richmond.

site owner Edward Richmond.


My name is Edward, I am the creator and owner of this site, ProspectPlantationTours.com. I made this website together with team to provide historical background and build a community of advocates that will promote the wellness and preservation of one of the countries’ gem, it’s plantation.

With this website you will be able to read a content like this:

“History, beauty, architecture and adventure can be found at each of plantation that we can visit along the incredible River Road. Oak Alley Plantation and Tour Laura for visits stuffed with adventure and beauty. Each of these tours comes with or without a voyage through the incredible Manchac Swamp or in a combination with New Orleans City. Journey beyond the city limits and explore a spot where time stands still. Beautiful, historic plantation anticipates your visit, each with their own special mystique and stories. You can see excessive homes overlooking sugar cane fields and old streets of oaks. Creole cuisine and Cajun, swamp tour and great Louisiana society are all just a minute from the city of New Orleans. The South Louisiana is known for its lovely antebellum architecture and there are a lot of plantation homes that are within an hour to drive from New Orleans. Get a vibe for the Antebellum South as you watch out over the lines of oak trees to the Mississippi river from the yard of a plantation home. The architecture and beauty of these homes alone are amazing, the stories that run with them are even better. Hear stories about the homes, the famous local families that manufactured and claimed them, the people that walk through their corridors, the walls can’t talk however your tour guide will. Book your tour now and find a history so rich, you will feel like you’ve walked out of life an into a novel.” Read more….

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